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One cold Saturday night, we met to make an extrovert session. The reason we met was to make a visually attractive dance video-Enthrall, just for the fun of it. Making this video with such amazing and brave people made me happy indeed.

Director, edit: Leoš Brabec

Sound design: Leoš Brabec

DOP, Color grading: Matty Marko

1AC: Filip Gronich

Gaffer: Lů Mořický

VFX: Filip Gronich

Make-up, visage: Nelli Jadrníčková

Dancer: Anet Antošová

Story: Leoš Brabec

Production: PRIMETIME

Photographer: Kamil Saliba

Asistence: Markéta Špunarová

Special thanks: Los Rentalos


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